Travel Writing

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A rare combination:  Award-winning photographer and writer 

Karen's unique ability to translate her experiences into richly woven tapestries of words and pictures often eliminates the need for both a writer and a photographer on the assignment.

As the author of hundreds of travel features published throughout North America, Asia and the Caribbean, Karen has explored and photographed some of the most fascinating places on earth. She earned her reindeer driver license in Lapland, dined on live termites in Venezuela’s Orinoco Delta, went deep sea fishing with a U.S. president, and witnessed the primitive land-diving rituals on Pentecost Island in the South Pacific. She thrives on discovering new and unusual travel experiences, while offering the reader a fresh perspective on the world's best-loved destinations. 

Karen strives not so much for a travelogue as a sense of place; for her reader to say, "I felt that I was right there with you."

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